Lip Enhancement
Lip Fillers 1ml Revolax

1ml of Revolax filler

Lip filler 1ml Juvaderm

1ml of Juvaderm filler for the lips

Semi Permanent Make Up

Microblading including top-up which is required 4-6 weeks later

NVQ Courses
Microblading Course

Microblading training fully accredited

Makeup fast track level 2

Makeup course fast tracked level 2

Makeup fast tracked level 3

Makeup level 3 fast tracked course

3d Brow Wax and tint

Learn the art of 3d brow - wax and tinting

Dermal Filler Foundation Course

This course includes learning the art of Lip fillers, Nasolabial fillers and marionette lines. Course also includes A+P Level 3 and 4.

Microblading Advanced course

Microblading advanced course for already qualified artists.

Russian eyelash course

russian eyelash course


Hyluron pen training

Dermal Fillers
Nasolabial folds

Nose to mouth line filler

Jaw Filler 2ml

Jaw filler enhancement 2ml

Jaw filler 3ml

Jaw filler 3ml of product

Jaw filler 4ml

Jaw filler 4ml


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