The Yvette Clinic

The Yvette Clinic was set up with one goal: to help those who are suffering from hair loss conditions. Kirsty who began The Yvette Clinic in 2016 lost someone very close to cancer and made it her mission to offer beautiful semi permanent work. Unfortunately there can be some bad semi permanent make up work out there and you will not receive that at The Yvette Clinic. The best in the market equipment and pigments are used as well as genuine listening skills to ensure the end result is tailored to the clients needs. Please get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Semi Permanent Make Up
Lip Blush

Lip Blush can be as natural or as bold as desired. Lip Blush is semi permanent and will fade over 18-24 months and will require future top ups to maintain the desired result. The Lip Blush Procedure is completed in two treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

Powder Brows

Powder Brows or Ombre Brows are completed with a hand held digital device. The overall result is super natural, this technique can also be used to create a more defined look. It simply comes down to what you the client would like to achieve. This technique is suitable for all skin types, it lasts longer than microblading and is a personal favourite of mine. This procedure requires two treatment sessions 6 weeks apart.

Eyeliner & Magic Shading

Eyeliner similar to the other semi permanent make up treatments that I offer can be as bold or as natural as you the client desires. It is perfect for enhancing the natural lash line and reduces the reliance for mascara to really open the eye area. This procedure is carried out with two treatments 6 weeks apart.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is suitable for male clients who have noticed hairloss, it creates a denser look of hair follicles. The technique creates the shaven head look for more severe areas of hair loss or this can be used to create the illusion of thicker density. Price is dependent on the area of loss and hours taken to complete this procedure. An hours session is £55 and how many hours that are required will be tailored for the individual client.

Semi Permanent Make up Saline removal

Saline removal is suitable for previous semi permanent make up work that the client is not happy with or that can not be covered by myself. This treatment can also remove smaller tattoos. The cost is individual case dependent. Factors such as size, colour density and skin type affect how many sessions are required. One session is £55.

Facial Treatments
Lip Enhancement Revolax

Revolax Lip filler enhancement to achieve the clients desired result

£121.00 - £187.00
Lip Enhancement Juvoderm

Juvoderm lip enhancement to achieve clients desired result

£143.00 - £231.00
Anti Wrinkle Injections

Facial rejuvenation injections to soften the signs of ageing and those fine lines & wrinkles. One Area Includes: - Forehead Lines - Smokers Lines - Frown Lines - Gummy Smile - Crows Feet - Sad Lines - Pebble Chin

£165.00 - £247.50
Dimple Chin Filler

Filler to enhance or tweak the clients natural features, desired results to be discussed with the client.

Cheek Filler

Filler inserted into the cheek area to achieve clients desired results

£242.00 - £429.00
Nasolabial Folds

Price is per one syringe

Marionette Lines

Price is per 1 syringe

Advanced areas for treatment

Neck Area Masseter Muscle (Jaw Slimming, teeth grinding)

£275.00 - £440.00
Anti Wrinkle Injections
Hand Rejuvenation

reverse the signs of ageing in the hand area


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