Hifu Clinics North West

Welcome to HIFU Clinics North West! We are a small clinic based in Barrowford, Lancashire, offering affordable, non-surgical facelifts, skin tightening & 2in1 body contouring with long lasting results. We also offer standard beauty treatments including deluxe dermaplaning, semi-permanent classic, hybrid & russian lashes, brow treatments & waxing, as well as skin care clinics & custom blend foundations with Motives Cosmetics. We pride ourselves on our excellent level of client care, providing an individual & personalised service.

Full Face

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - jawline to brow

Full Face, neck & decolletage

HIFU Full face, neck & decolletage

Full face & neck

HIFU Full face & neck

Jawline & neck

HIFU to jawline & neck

Jawline only

HIFU Jawline (jowls)

2in1 Lower abdomen

2in1 slimming & skin tightening to lower abdomen

2in1 Upper abdomen

2in1 slimming & skin tightening to upper abdomen

Skin tightening lower abdomen

Skin tightening only to lower abdomen

Skin tightening upper abdomen

Skin tightening only to upper abdomen


Skin tightening to both hands


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