RR Skin & Laser Clinic

RR Skin & Laser Clinic offers an extensive range of advanced facial, body and laser treatments that give results you desire without the need for invasive surgery.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Course 8

Fat Loss and body shaping with Ultrasonic Cavitation

Skincare Products
Skincare Package

Environ or pH Formula homecare package - select the products you would like at clinic

£100.00 - £150.00
Newa Homecare Device Starter Kit

NEWA is a clinically proven home-use skin rejuvenation device that naturally boosts collagen, leaving your skin tighter, firmer, smoother and more radiant. Whether you want to keep wrinkles at bay, reduce the signs of ageing that have already appeared, or get that healthy glow back. Great homecare device for treatment in between in-salon facials.

Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Homecare Device

This handheld device combines two sophisticated technologies, low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed iontophoresis (electric current), that helps to stimulate skin to deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients and essential nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. This device is used together with targeted Environ Focus Care serums for optimal results. The homecare device can help improve the overall skin tone, appearance and skin health, can be used daily or weekly to compliment your in-salon treatments.

Body Treatments
Fat Loss/Inch Loss Treatments

Using latest technology treatments for fat loss/inch using Laser Lipo and Ultra Cavitation plus Radio Frequency skin tightening and a full body Vibration PowerPlate session to help speed up results. Ultra Treatment includes Laser Lipo, Ultra Cavitation, Radio Frequency and FREE 10mins on the PowerPlate. Combined treatment includes Laser Lipo and Ultra Cavitation plus 10mins on PowerPlate (does not include Radio Frequency)

£75.00 - £680.00
Course 8 Bespoke Body Treatment (Lift, Tone, Tighten & Contour)

A combination of technology/machines are used together depending on the clients needs/goals to get better results, these include; CACI Muscle lifting, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Ultra Cavitation (Fat Loss), Environ Body Probe (Cellulite), Body Exfoliation (improve skin texture). Results vary from person to person. Consultation is required with treatment

Course 8 Bespoke Upper Arm Slim, Tone, Tighten Treatment

Focused treatment on the upper arms (bingo wings) to slim, strengthen, tone and tighten muscles, shape & contour the arms

Course 8 Targeted Cellulite Treatments

Treatment can include any of the following; CACI Muscle toning, Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic-Cavitation, Environ Body Probe, Body Scrub to target cellulite on the body

Micro-Needling CST for Body

Micro-needling treatment to stimulate collagen to help repair stretch marks and scars

Course 10 CACI Legs & Bum Lift/Tone/Contour (ECM Treatment)

This tailored treatment for legs & bum gives instant lifting and contouring on the buttocks and toning of the thighs. This treatment will improve the appearance of cellulite and break down fatty deposits. It will also stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help to flush toxins away giving a smoother and tighter, dimple free appearance. Great as a pre-holiday body blitz.

Course 10 CACI Tummy Muscle Tone/Contour Treatment

Focused treatment on the Tummy area to strengthen, tone and tighten muscles, shape & contour the tummy area.

Course 6 Treatment CryoGlo Facial - Advanced Dermaplaning

Treatment includes enzyme peel, dermaplaning, (steam/extraction if required) LED light therapy, transdermal infusion with stem cells/vitamins, vitamin mask, mini cryoballs around eyes, cryoballs face & neck

Facial Treatments
Course 10 Bespoke Facial Treatments

A course of personalised facials that are tailored specifically to your skin type, concerns and goals, utilising a variety of high-tech machines and professional quality skincare brands. A bespoke facial can include; CACI non-surgical muscle lifting/toning, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Skin Resurfacing or Mild Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Environ skincare, Mesotherapy and LED light therapy

£550.00 - £1000.00
Course 10 Bespoke ACNE Treatments

A course of facial treatments that are tailored specifically for acne, congested and problematic skin

Course 10 Bespoke JOWL Treatments

A course of facial treatments specifically tailored to target the lift and firming of the jowls

Course 10 Bespoke EYE Treatments

A course of facial treatments specifically tailored to target the eye area - lifting, tightening, smoothing

Environ Facials

Environ’s pioneering dual electro-sonic technology sets the benchmark for professional skincare treatments. Low frequency sonophoresis together with pulsed iontophoresis in combination with Environ’s professional skin care products, help deliver more of what skin needs where it needs it most – making a real lasting difference to your skin, for life. An Environ facial is so powerful so one facial is equivalent to 76 manual facials as it pushes active vitamins into the skin 4,400 time deeper than any manual facial.

£222.00 - £400.00
CACI Facials

CACI Signature Face Lift is an advanced non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it. Microcurrent impulses will lift, tone and re-educate the facial muscles and the neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This gives a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.

£290.00 - £450.00
Course 6 Microdermabrasion Facials

Diamond Micro-dermabrasion is an extremely effective but gentle mechanical peeling process to improve skin rejuvenation. The aim is to speed up the skin cell renewal process to give a more refined, smoother and clearer complexion. Diamond micro-dermabrasion has many benefits, the biggest benefit is it can effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin without causing damage, particularly compared to traditional crystal micro-dermbrasion which can be quite harsh and strip away the top layers the skin leaving the skin vulnerable.

Chemical Skin Peels
Advanced Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Course of 6 advanced skin resurfacing treatments using including a homecare pack to use 2 weeks prior to treatment starting, during and after treatment.

Special Offers
@Home Facial Devices

@Home Facial devices for creating facials in the comfort of your own home

£299.00 - £850.00

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