G&M Healthcare Ltd

G&M Healthcare is a GP led clinic specialising in anti-wrinkle treatments, Dermal fillers for lip, cheeks, chin, jawline, nose, neck and hand enhancements, PDO face and neck lifts, Vampire Therapy, rapid weight loss with MediSculpt Therapy, Laser hair removal using Soprano Ice machine, Hair loss or facial treatments with Vampire Therapy or Mesotherapy, skin peels and LED Therapy with Dermalux. We practice at Harley Street in London, Pall Mall Medicals in Manchester and Liverpool, Ziba Clinic in Knowsley, Sheffield and Grimsby.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections using Botox

£165.00 - £275.00
Dermal Fillers

Lips, cheeks, nose augmentation, etc.

£160.00 - £600.00
PDO Threads
PDO Thread-lifting

Facial and neck treatment

£220.00 - £2600.00
Chemical Skin Peels
Chemical Peel

Facial Skin Peels

£70.00 - £180.00
Derma Roller
EDS Microneedling

EDS Pen Microneedling

£220.00 - £620.00
PRP vampire facial
PRP/Vampire Facelift

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

£330.00 - £1100.00

Mesotherapy for healthy skin

£110.00 - £580.00
Dermalux LED Light Therapy
Dermalux Facial

LED Phototherapy from Dermalux

£70.00 - £330.00
Hair Removal
Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction using the Soprano Ice laser machine from Alma lasers. Packages are for 6 sessions

£220.00 - £1800.00
Radio Frequency
Exilis Treatments

Skin tightening and/or fat reduction using the BTL Exilis

£150.00 - £1900.00

Breakdown abdominal fat using the VanquishME from BTL

£165.00 - £900.00
Body Treatments
LPG Endermologie

Full body treatment using the LPG Endermologie machine. Helps to tone and tighten skin, breakdown cellulite and improve body shape.

£135.00 - £1100.00

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