LMW Aesthetics

We are a dedicated Aesthetic Clinic run by Registered nurses and Prescriber, with over 5 years experience in Non surgical Aesthetic Procedures and 28 years experience in a clinical setting in the NHS. We offer wide range of non surgical procedures with exceptional aftercare and follow up services. We are also A member of ACE (Aesthetic Complication Expert Group) fully insured, safe and Professional.

Anti Wrinkle Injections
1 area

anti wrinkle injections to minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

2 areas

anti wrinkle injections to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

3 araes

anti wrinkle injections to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

plasma IQ

skin tightening around the upper and lower eyes using Plasma IQ (the price is per session and you may need up to 3 sessions 10 weeks apart.

Cheek Augmentation

2mls of teosyal ultimate or Juvederm voluma


3mls of juvederm voluma or teosyal ultimate

Dermal Fillers
lower face

dermal fillers for nasolabial folds, marrionettes, peri oral lines. price is per ml

both armpits

botulinum injections to armpits to reduce excessive sweating

Jaw Reshape

dermal fillers to enhance jaw line and chin


dermal fillers

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
nose reshape

dermal fillers, per procedure not ml

Tear Trough

under eye dermal filler

Lip Enhancement
Lip Enhancement

dermal fillers for lip enhancement

£145.00 - £195.00
  • Independent Nurse Prescriber

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