Anti Wrinkle Injections
Anti Wrinkle Injections

A treatment to soften out fine lines and wrinkles on the face

£132.00 - £240.00
Gummy Smile Treatment

a treatment which targets the muscles in the upper mouth area to relax the lip when smiling.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

A treatment which targets overactive sweat glands in the underarm/hand area.

£250.00 - £250.00
Cheek Augmentation
Cheekbone augmentation

A treatment which works on replacing lost volume and/or creating a contoured appearance in the cheekbone area.

£300.00 - £650.00
Chin Augmentation
Chin Augmentation

A treatment which can replace volume in the chin area, either to create a stronger side profile projection or elongate the face.

£250.00 - £350.00
Dermal Filler Disolving/ Correction Treatment
Dermal Filler Dissolving Treatment

A correction service whereby filler is dissolved from a specific area of the face after consultation.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers

A treatment whereby areas such as the naso-labial folds, oral commissures and upper lip lines can be treated to soften lines and wrinkles on the face.

£220.00 - £350.00
Combination Contouring Package

Combinations packages offering discount for multiple treatments.

£500.00 - £800.00
Discounted treatment

discounted services payment

Discounted service

discounted service treatment

Jaw Reshape
Jawline Augmentation

A treatment whereby the jawline is accentuated adding a sharper definition and mandibular corner. This treatment can also be beneficial to those who want to soften the appearance of jowls on the face.

£250.00 - £650.00
Lip Enhancement
Lip Enhancement

A treatment whereby volume and definition can be added to the lip area to give the appearance of fuller and more hydrated lips.

£160.00 - £400.00
Mesotherapy Skin Treatment

A treatment designed to target crepey skin on the hands and chest, with an aim to tighten the skin and minimise fine lines.

£350.00 - £350.00
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
Non-Surgical rhinoplasty

A treatment which targets clients who's concerns are either: - Hooked Nose - Nasal 'hump' - Wide nose - Downturned tip

Tear Trough
Tear Trough Treatment

A treatment designed to elevate dark circles and deepened tear troughs to smooth out the under eye area

Special Offers
Combination Gummy Smile Treatment

A combination treatment whereby filler and botulinum toxin is used at a discounted rate.

£260.00 - £280.00
  • Registered Nurse

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