3D Lipo Brighton & Eastbourne

3D Lipo Brighton is on Portland Road in Brighton & Hove, offering state of the art technology that can literally melt body fat off you, slim, trim and contour your shape. We also offer the latest Skintech facial technologies light therapy for anti-ageing, vibrant and fresher facial appearance. At 3D Lipo Brighton we make you feel at ease and explain the procedure using language that you understand creating a course tailored to your needs. 3D Lipo Eastbourne is inside Eagles Hair & Beauty opposite Eastbourne Train station, Eastbourne is the latest of 3D Lipo Studios opening

Radio Frequency
Weekly Radio Frequency Course

3D Body RF penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra cellular matrix where the collagen fibres are embedded. The local heating of the area being treated causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres, and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblastin order to accelerate production of new collagen fibres and elastin fibres to create a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.

£439.00 - £819.00

3D HIFU is the latest technology used to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. This technology works by delivering focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm and 8mm to destroy fat cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave results in heating under the skin, effectively destroying the fat cells and tightening the skin in the area treated. The damaged cells are flushed away via a natural removal process through the lymphatic system that continues for up to 3 months.

£220.00 - £330.00
HIFU Facial Treatments

Non-surgical lifting has become one of the most sought after treatments and HIFU is the latest non- surgical technology to excel in this area in just one single session! It targets brow lifting, jowl line lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation. The highly focussed acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at 3 different selected depths, following a wound healing response resulting in the formation of new collagen thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin. There is no downtime associate d with this non- invasive procedure. This signature treatment is fantastic for overall skin tightening, rejuvenation and lifting of the face.

£269.00 - £749.00
Facial Treatments
The Works

"The Works" is a 90 minute treatment with a full cleanse, followed by Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy, Radio Frequency and then finally LED Light Therapy all with high quality 3D Aesthetics products

£149.00 - £149.00
Body Treatments
8 Session Cavitation with 2 Cup Fat Freeze

A weekly course of cavitation giving in most cases immediate results from the first treatment. and is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. A fat cell cannot with stand this pressure and therefore disintegrates into a liquid state.

8 Session Cavitation Course

8 Sessions of Cavitation followed by Shockwave Therapy post treatment, includes consultation, measurements and pictures


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