Lip Enhancement
0.5 ml Lip filler

0.5ml lip

1ml lip filler

1ml lip filler

1.5ml lip filler

1.5ml lip filler

2ml Lip filler

2ml lip filler

Juvederm smile 0.55ml

0.55ml juvederm smile

1.1ml juvederm smile

1.1 ml juvederm smile

Volift 0.55ml

0.55ml volift

Lip 2 people

2 people same time 1ml each

0.5 ml for 2 people

0.5ml Revolax for 2 people done at the same time

1ml Russian style

Russian classic or doll lips

1.5ml Russian lip

1.5ml Russian classic or doll

Facial Treatments
Venus package can have 3 of any below

3 ml of filler Pick from lips , cheek, chin , jaw .naso folds , , marionette lines or 0.5ml nose

Cheek Augmentation
1ml Cheek Filler’s revolax

1ml cheek filler revolax

2ml Cheek Augmentation

2ml cheek filler revolax

1ml voluma cheek filler

1ml voluma cheek filler lasts 18/24 month

2ml voluma cheek filler

2ml voluma cheek filler last up to 18/24 month

Dermal Fillers
1ml marionette lines

1ml marionette lines

2ml marionette lines revolax

2ml marionette lines revolax

1ml nasolabial

1ml nasolabial folds revolax

2ml nasolabial folds

2ml nasolabial folds revolax

4ml fillers

4ml can be used anywhere on face including the nose

Dermal Filler Disolving/ Correction Treatment

Hyaluronidase the dissolving of dermal fillers

Jaw Reshape
1ml Jaw filler

jaw Filler revolax

2ml jaw filler

2ml jaw filler Revolax

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
Non surgical rhinoplasty

Non surgical rhinoplasty

Tear Trough
1ml teosyal redensity 2 l

teosyal redensity 2 tear trough filler

2ml teosyal redensity 2

2ml teosyal redensity 2

1 vial Fat dissolving mesotherapy

Fat dissolving mesotherapy can be done on Chin Jaw Arms Tummy Hips Inner thigh Buttock

Course of 3 Fat dissolving mesotherapy

Fat dissolving mesotherapy Course of 3 done every 4/6 weeks

Course of 4 Fat dissolving mesotherapy

Course of 4 Fat dissolving mesotherapy done every 4/6 weeks

Eye area

Eye peptides and hyaluron2

Course of 3 eye meso

Brighten, tighten the eye area , done weekly.


Bb glow is a semi permanent foundation that improves skin tone texture and improves ageing skin 3-4 treatments are advertised every 2 weeks , lasts 6 months but one every 2-3 month will keep you topped up

£126.00 - £126.00
Body Treatments

Course of 8 g5 massage to tighten and lift buttocks and thighs 2 per week for 4 weeks

Fat Freezing Injections
Deso face Chin mesotherapy fat dissolving

1 small area chin or face

Course of 3 chin or face deso face

3 chin fat dissolving done 4 weeks apart

1 Large area

1 large area

Course of 3 large area

Course of 3 large areas

Liquid Facelift
5ml package

5ml package can be used anywhere inc nose

Chin Augmentation
Chin filler

Chin filler and facial contouring

Derma Roller
Derma roller face

Derma roller to face

£110.00 - £480.00
Derma plane

Derma plane facial


Bio skin remodelling

£460.00 - £460.00
Radio Frequency
Radio frequency

Chin £33 Full face £55 Face neck £70

£240.00 - £400.00
PDO Threads

Pdo threads to jaw or neck

Pdo threads full face and neck

Full face pdo threads


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