Aurora Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetic Dermal Filler Treatments. Provided by a qualified and fully insured Dental Professional. Aurora Aesthetics uses high quality dermal fillers to ensure client safety & satisfaction. Find me on Instagram @auroraaesthetics_jomulroy to view my portfolio of work.

Dermal Fillers
Lip Fillers

Lip Enhancement

£135.00 - £175.00
Cheek Fillers

Cheek Enhancement

£175.00 - £275.00
Jawline Enhancement

Jawline contouring & definition (4ml options include chin enhancement)

£385.00 - £550.00
Chin Enhancement

Chin Enhancement for profile balancing.

Smile Lines

A very popular treatment which includes filling the smile lines to restore a more even and youthful skin surface.

Mouth to Chin Lines

Correction of lines and wrinkles around the mouth/chin area

£175.00 - £275.00
Khloe Package

Lips and Cheek Package

£265.00 - £395.00
Kylie Package

Lips & Jawline Package

£420.00 - £550.00
Kimmy K Package

Cheeks & Jawline Package

£550.00 - £640.00
Aurora Package

Lips, Cheeks & Jawline Package

£572.00 - £795.00

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