Number 23 Aesthetics

Number 23 Aesthetics offers the latest advanced aesthetic treatments, located in the heart of Aylsham. We would like to introduce you to our finance partner who offers finance based on affordability, as opposed to credit rating. Please note, 10% has been added to our prices as an admin fee on behalf of the finance partner (this is not added by us). Look and feel your best without the upfront cost and the flexibility to spread your payments over 1, 3, 6 or 9 months! Simply add the treatment to your basket and proceed to checkout.

Dermal Fillers
Lips - 1ml Juvederm

1ml Juvederm + 10% admin.

Lips - 1ml Revolax

1ml Revolax + 10% admin.

Lips - 0.5ml Juvederm

0.5ml of Juvederm smile

Tear trough correction

Tear trough filler +10% admin

Liquid Nose Job

Non surgical rhinoplasty +10% admin fee

Jawline Enhancement (2ml)

2ml jawline contouring

Jawline 2ml & 1ml Chin

Jawline & chin packages

Cheek contouring 1ml

1ml cheek filler (0.5ml each side)

Glam cheeks (2ml)

1ml of dermal filler each cheek to create a more defined cheek bone.

Package 1: Cheeks & lips (2ml total)

Discounted package with the choice for f Juvederm or Revolax for the lip. 10% admin fee added.

Package 2: Lips & Glam cheeks (3ml total)

1ml lip filler of your choice with glam cheeks (1ml each side). 10% admin fee added.

Package 3: Contour package (5ml) - Jawline, glam cheeks & lips

2ml jawline contour, 2ml glam cheeks & 1ml lip filler of your choice.

Package 4: The ultimate tailored glow up (5ml) INC TEAR TROUGH & NON SURGICAL RHINO

Choose 5ml of any filler to treat any area that we cover. This package also gives you the option to include tear trough correction and also non surgical rhinoplasty! These treatments are usually priced higher due to the procedure! The ultimate pick n mix!

Chin Augmentation (1ml)

Chin augmentation 1ml

Anti Wrinkle Injections

1 AREA of anti wrinkle injections * 10%.


2 AREAS of anti wrinkle injections


3 AREAS anti wrinkle injections

Package: 3 AREAS & 1ML FILLER

3 AREAS of anti wrinkle injections + 1ml dermal filler of your choice (exc tear trough). This price includes the 10% admin fee.

£50 Voucher

£50 voucher + 10% admin fee.

£100 Voucher

£100 voucher + 10% admin fee.

£200 Voucher

£200 voucher + 10% admin fee.

PDO Threads
PDO Threads

PDO Thread Lifts make use of the latest technologies in cosmetic contouring, offering a non-invasive answer to tired, ageing skin without surgical intervention. By stimulating the body's natural production of collagen and elastin beneath the surface of the skin, Thread Facelifts offer an immediate boost in plumpness and uplift, whilst eradicating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The PDO Thread Lifting procedure is performed with confidence by experienced Aesthetic doctors and dermatologists. 100% absorbable threads | Consultations | No cuts | Local anaesthetic. The procedure involves minimal downtime and less self care after the treatment. The final effect is tightening and lifting of sagging areas of tissue and skin. ** PLEASE NOTE A 10% ADMIN FEE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE PRICE. THIS IS A SERVICE FEE FOR LENDING, NOT RECEIVED BY THE SALON. **

£165.00 - £434.50

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