Number 23 Aesthetics

Number 23 Aesthetics offers the latest advanced aesthetic treatments, located in the heart of Aylsham. We would like to introduce you to our finance partner who offers finance based on affordability, as opposed to credit rating. Please note, we have added 10% to our prices in order to spread the cost of your treatment as a processing fee. Look and feel your best without the upfront cost and the flexibility to spread your payments over 3, 6 or 9 months!

Body Treatments
4D Lipo (permanant fat removal)

Our 4D lipo treatment creates low pressure bubbles between the fat cells, working alongside ultra sound this ruptures the fat cells and flushes them into the lymphatic system to be used as burnable energy. This results in PERMANANT FAT REMOVAL! With a course of 6 sessions, you only pay for 5! Areas include; Stomach, hips, back, thighs, arms or knees. You will see immediete results from your first results, however we reccomend a course of 6 sessions (2 sessions per week for 3 weeks) for best results.

£75.00 - £495.00
Facial Treatments
Facial treatments & Chemical peels

We offer a range of facial treatments to suit all of our clients requirements with little, to no down time! Great results are revealed from one sessions however, we recommend a course of 4 - 6 sessions for optimal results (i.e. acne, acne scaring, skin pigmentation, full skin rejuvenation) Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning is a manual method of exfoliation, removing the outer most layer of the epidermis to promote the skins rejuvenation cycle, remove facial vellous hair (peach fuzz), dead skin, allows skincare products to work more efficiently and results in flawless make up application. Chemical Peels: Our chemical peels can be tailored to our clients individual need; Acne or break outs, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles with total skin rejuvenation. "DermaPeel": This is our customer fave! This treatment includes a Dermaplane, a tailored chemical peel & a collagen mask.

£61.00 - £440.00
Semi Permanent Make Up
Powder Brows/Ombre/Combination

Our semi permanent brows last up to 2 years with a recommended top up after 12 months.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers

Please see our list of dermal filler treatments that we offer.

£165.00 - £715.00

Non surgical rhino

Lips & Rhino

filler package

Anti Wrinkle Injections
Botulinum Toxin (botox)

Botulinum toxin is a neuro toxin which temporarily restricts the movement of the facial muscles, this in turn reduces prominent lines area wrinkles. The areas we can treat are, frown lines, forehead and crows feet. Please note, you must have a face to face consultation with our prescribing Nurse before you have your treatment. All prices include a free of charge top up 14-21 days after your initial treatment.

£176.00 - £242.00
Voucher package (Dermal filler)

This voucher is for packages of £1200 (plus admin fee)

Voucher package (Botox)

Voucher package worth £1495 + 10% admin charge

Voucher package (dermal filler & botox)

This voucher is a 10% discounted package price for dermal filler & Botox. A 10% admin fee is added by the finance company


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