Danielle Hicks SPMU

Semi-Permanent makeup artist and trainer based at the Dollshouse Salon in Milton Keynes. Specialising in eyebrows & lip blush

Semi Permanent Make Up

Hairstroke, Combination, Shaded or Ombre Brows. Price for new, first time brows includes your consultation, patch test, first session and second complimentary top up session.

£195.00 - £440.00
The Diamond Package

Eyebrows (any style) & Gloss and Go Lip blush

Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush

Famous Gloss and Go™ Permanent Make Up lip treatment, developed by Tracie Giles and trademarked to certified Indelibeliner technicians. This treatment achieves beautifully shaped and tinted lips using a super crisp border and infusion of colour, giving you full and contoured lip, 24 hours a day.

£160.00 - £385.00
1-1 Masterclass

Full day 1-1 masterclass - Price is slightly higher for finance than the price quoted on my website. This is due to a 10% surcharge for all Finance treatments

Beginners training

Cost includes a 10% surcharge

£3330.00 - £5500.00
2 day 1-1 Masterclass

2 day Masterclass in any style


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