Danielle Hicks SPMU

Semi-Permanent makeup technician based at the Dollshouse Salon in Milton Keynes. Specialising in eyebrows, lips and freckles/beauty spots.

Semi Permanent Make Up

Freckles are £85 per session. Depending on skin type some clients require 1 session and some require 2.


Hairstroke, Combination, Shaded or Ombre Brows. Price for new, first time brows includes your consultation, patch test, first session and second complimentary top up session.

£125.00 - £360.00
The Diamond Package

Brows & Gloss and Go™ Lips - book them together with the diamond package to save over £100.

Correctional Work - Brows

A correction of previous work (done elsewhere).

Gloss & Go™ Lips

Famous Gloss and Go™ Permanent Make Up lip treatment, developed by Tracie Giles and trademarked to certified Indelibeliner technicians. This treatment achieves beautifully shaped and tinted lips using a super crisp border and infusion of colour, giving you full and contoured lip, 24 hours a day.

£125.00 - £350.00
Lip Blush

Permanent Make Up lip treatment - A flush of colour throughout the entire lip

£110.00 - £330.00
1-1 Masterclass

Full day 1-1 masterclass


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