Train to be a Spa Therapist, Spa Therapist Training, Working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years has given me great opportunity to work with some very interesting people. As a spa Manager it has helped me gain new friends and to pass on my experience to staff who work with me, and help them become good therapists. As the business within spa/beauty has become more demanding over the last few years and become even more in the coming years, I would like to pass on my skills and experience to others.

Individual Eyelash Extension Course

These extensions are a move away from the traditional strip lashes that everyone has painstakingly tried to apply at one time or another. Instead, these are individual lashes which are added to the clients own natural lash for a truly fabulous effect. Clients can achieve anything from dramatically sweeping lashes to a generally thicker and fuller effect. This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional eyelash extension treatment and includes a practical training sessions and assessment. This course follows the National Occupational Standards and covers the technique for eyelash extension application as well as the correct removal and maintenance of lashes. The course includes anatomy and physiology of the hair and eye, contra-indications and contra-actions to treatment and consultation and aftercare advice. The 1-day training consists of both theory and practical elements. After attending the initial training, you will be required to practice the techniques you have learned and successfully complete 5 post course assignments before you are issued with a certificate of achievement accredited by GTI which will enable you to obtain the insurance required to offer your new skill to clients. We aim to provide high quality training with post course support at an affordable cost to benefit you and your business! Also includes a kit with all you need to get started in offering Semi Permanent Eye Lash Extensions. Extreme Glue (3g) Glue Preserving Pack & Silica Gel Glue Card Primer (10ml) Orange Gel Remover (10g) Eyelash Ruler EYELASH EXTENSIONS WonderLash Premium Mink Eyelashes MIX Tray WonderLash Premium Silk Eyelashes MIX Tray ***Contents may vary subject to stock availability*** Please note glue ring and bridge will soon be replaced with Head/Hand sponge APPLICATION TOOLS Straight Tweezers Curved Tweezers Jade Stone Glue Ring Bridge DISPOSABLES Finepore Surgical Tape Styling Wands SS (25pcs) Lint Free Applicator LA (25pcs) Eye Gel Patches (20pairs) PROMOTION FREE White Box

Spray Tan Course

Providing a spray tanning treatment is a simple way to give clients a safe alternative to a UV tan. Full kit included This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional spray tanning treatment and includes a practical training session and assessment. This Spray Tanning course follows the National Occupational Standards and covers reception, consultation and ventilation. It also covers anatomy & physiology, contra-indications and contra-actions, skin types, preparing for treatment, technique and aftercare. The Spray Tanning course includes the Professional Standards course, usually priced at £49 + VAT, for all students who have not completed this course. The Spray Tanning Award is accredited by the GTI, the UK’s leading professional beauty trade body. The course is beautifully written and accompanied by images and a voice-over. Upon completion of the online theory modules, you will receive a PDF manual which you can refer back to. Eight of the modules and examinations are completed online with full online support available. There is also a practical training session at Cockermouth Cumbria. You will have the opportunity to practise the routine on friends and family before being assessed by an experienced tutor at a time to suit you. On completion of the course, successful students will receive a GTi Spray Tanning certificate.

Acrylic Nail Extension Course

Start a new career after completing our 4 day course. Numerous job opportunities from working on your own as a mobile business to salon / spa work. For those more adventurous, cruise ships – opportunities are endless! No experience within the industry needed. 100% back-up support from our highly qualified team at Spa Academy Training. Course Contents: • Anatomy & Physiology of the Natural Nail • Various Nail Extensions • Nail Diseases & Disorders • Client Consultation • Hygiene & Salon Safety • Form Sculpting • Troubleshooting • Client Aftercare & Retail Opportunities • Pricing & Business Development • Being Successful Includes: Kit, Training & Accredited Certificate Kit includes; Medium Speed Acrylic Liquid - 30ml Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover - 30ml Conditioning Brush Cleaner - 30ml Acid Free Primer - 15ml Air Dry Top Coat, 15ml Nail Prep/ Dehydrator, 15ml Cuticle Oil 15ml 2 x Various Nail Files Nail Glue, 3g Clear Acrylic Powder 7g Mega White Acrylic Powder 7g Bisque Acrylic Powder 7g Brush Powders included may vary due to stock availability.

Body Massage Course 30 hours

A hand on massage course! 4 days hands on massage at the training centre and online training for the body modules. COURSE CONTENT BODY MASSAGE Body Massage Introduction Reception & Consultation Anatomy & Physiology Contra-indications & Contra-actions Preparing For Treatment Massage Technique Perform Manual Massage -Front Of Leg Perform Manual Massage -Hand & Arm Perform Manual Massage -Neck, Shoulder&Chest Perform Manual Massage -Abdominal & Back Of Leg Perform Manual Massage - Back & Neck Part 1 Perform Manual Massage -Back & Neck Part 2 Treatment Adaptations & Aftercare

Facial Course 20 hours

20 hours of facial training at the training centre, over a period of 7 days, with home study and case studies, final assessment and certificate on successful completion.

Lash and Brow Treatments 6 Hours

This course covers the technique for eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, and the application of strip lashes. Online training for course modules and practical at the training centre.

Basic Make Up

8 hours of training at the training centre, over a period of 1 day, with home study and case studies, final assessment and certificate on successful completion.

Pedicure 12 Hours

12 hours of pedicure training at the training centre, over a period of a couple of days, with home study and case studies, final assessment and certificate on successful completion.

Manicure 12 Hours

12 hours of manicure training at the training centre, over a period of a couple of days, with home study and case studies, final assessment and certificate on successful completion.

3 for 2 Offer

Buy the Individual Lashes and Acrylic Nails Course and get the Spray Tan Free OR Makeup Free OR Tinting Free

Lash Lift and Tint

If you want to be able to offer a no maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions or an alternative for those ladies who just aren’t candidates for lash extensions. This is the course for you. On successful completion you will receive a diploma approved by GTI which will enable you to gain public liability insurance and carry out treatments on paying clients working from home or as a mobile therapist. The training covers... Contraindications and Client Consultation Health and Safety Analysing Clients Lashes Patch Testing Techniques for Lash Lift and Tinting Client preparation Selection of suitable silicon shield for client and application of shield Practical Application of Lash Lift Products Mixing tint Solution Application of tint in relation to the lift treatment Aftercare advice Ongoing support after your training day The cost of training does not include kits, but all products and tools are provided for you to work with on the day and you will receive a training manual.

Nail Art

Nail art has been around for thousands of years, like in ancient Egypt where citizens used different colours to distinguish their social status. Now, nail art designs can be anything from simple stripes to intricate landscapes. Whether they're plain or detailed, manicures are a fabulous way to express your personal style. The fun 3hr course will give you the basics in Nail Art, from stencils, ombre, stickers, glitters, crystals and ombre.


Suitable for trainees of all levels. Students must be 18+. The course is made up of four days training at the training centre, then a separate assessment day. The assessment day starts with questions, problem solving, help and guidance in the morning, then performing a complete Microblading procedure on your model (unaided) in the afternoon. An ABT Accredited Certificate can only be awarded on successful completion and meeting all requirements and criteria of the assessment. Assessment days run every month so you can book on when you have completed your case studies.

Microblading Offer

Offer for previous students only

Dermal Fillers
Lip Fillers

Full lips are a sensual and attractive feature; so this treatment is popular with a wide age range. Results include: creating fuller upper lips for a more sensuous smile removing fine lines around the mouth erasing so-called “smokers lines” enhancing the shape and definition of the lips evening out unbalanced lips We find that most of our patients want a natural-looking lip enlargement – the so-called “trout pout” is definitely not in. Therefore it is important that an especially skillful approach is adopted with fine attention to the shape of the lips, not just the size. We therefore only use soft natural gels such as Restylane® and Juvederm®.These contain an anaesthetic so the procedure is now virtually painless when the filler is injected into the lip, .


A course of Lip Fillers at a discounted rate

Anti Wrinkle Injections
Facial Fillers

Fillers can give a natural lift and fullness that makes you look fresher and younger by replacement of the lost collagen. Popular areas for filling lines and creases include: frown lines deeper creases and wrinkles nose to mouth lines cheeks mouth & lip lines Wrinkle fillers for the face are ideal for anyone who wants to look fresher and younger without the need for surgery.


A course of anti Wrinkle Injections, this could be in different areas or over a period of 2 years

Facial Treatments
Uplifing Facials Treatment Course x 6

A course x 6 Of Up lifting Facials took over 2-6 months. Leaves skin toned, refreshed, uplifted, healthy and youthful looking.

Body Treatments
Body Treatments Course x 6

A course of Full body Massage taken over 1-3 months, for relaxation, detoxing or general well being.


Vouchers can be used towards training


Vouchers can be used towards training


Vouchers can be used towards training


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Medical Tattooing

microblading of eyebrows


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