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Fake your natural beauty has been established since 2014. The director Francesca Burney carries out a whole range of treatments, she has worked in Manchester, Spain, London, Wales & has clients who fly into the U.K for her treatments. FYNB Clinic is appointment only. Appointments can be booked Monday to Sunday 9am-9pm. FYNB is also a Microblading & Spmu Machine Training Academy. Based Ashton-Under-Lyne OL66LB. The clinic is located just a 5 minute walk from Ashton-under-lyne bus station, tram station & train station which are all located next to each other. Ring/Text/Whatsapp 07583298157

Anti Wrinkle Injections
Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections, botox

£80.00 - £190.00
Cheek Augmentation
Cheek Filler

For a subtle cheek enhancement choose 1ml shared between both cheeks. For a more defined cheek bone look I would advise the 2ml option which is 1ml shared between both cheeks.

£167.00 - £223.00
Chin Augmentation
Chin Filler 1.1ml

Helps shape your face and gives your chin a more defined and appealing look

Jaw Reshape
Jaw Filler

Jaw line Filler is an amazing treatment which helps gives you the perfect shaped face. 1ml shared is a subtle enhancement. 2ml shared is the full jawline look nice and sharp and defined.

£167.00 - £223.00
Lip Enhancement
Lip Filler

All fillers contain lidocaine, which makes your treatment a lot more comfortable with minimum sting.

£78.00 - £278.00
Tear Trough
Tear Trough 1.1ml

Helps dark circles under the eye and helps the appearance of sunken tired eyes.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
Nose Filler 1.1ml

Helps smooth out any lumps and bumps in the nose and can help straighten your nose. If your nose is broken? Let me fix it

Microblading & SPMU Machine Training Courses

All courses are fully accredited. FYNB is also a supplier so you can buy all stock from the academy. You get discounted insurance training with FYNB. All courses include your training kits.

£168.00 - £2780.00
Special Offers
MIX & MATCH PACKGES Multiple Filler treatments

Lip Filler, cheek Filler, jawline Filler, chin Filler, tear trough, non-surgical rhinoplasty, nose to mouth lines.. CHOOSE ANY OF THESE FOR THE OFFER!!

£223.00 - £667.00
Fat Dissolver Lipolysis

Lipolysis - also known as fat dissolving injections. Breaks down stubborn fat molecules which leave your body by your natural drainage system. Results are seen 3-4 weeks after. Once the fat is gone, it's gone. At FYNB we don't charge you per area, we charge you per vial! Which saves you money and you have the whole vial to yourself.

£67.00 - £234.00
Semi Permanent Make Up
Semi Permanent Make Up

Microblading & SPMU Machine Treatments

£45.00 - £212.00
Dermal Filler Disolving/ Correction Treatment
Filler dissolver

£40 per area, per session. Example.. lips is 1 area, cheeks is 1 area having both dissolved is 2 areas which would be £100.

£45.00 - £134.00
Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be collected from the clinic or posted out.

£56.00 - £112.00
Facial Treatments
Hollywood teeth whitening

Hollywood laser teeth whitening 1 hour treatment non peroxide

Skincare Products
Facials @ FYNB

BB GLOW facials, 3 sessions will be like you have bb cream on, 6 sessions will be like a thin layer of foundation. MICRONEEDLING facials can be done with your own plasma or any of these 4 ointments - calming for acne and scarring, skin whitening to whiten skin and pigmentation, anti-ageing for fine lines and wrinkles and lifting effect and regenerating which is basically all of the above. FULL FACE REVITALIZATION is a treatment done with 1ml filler and used with the hyaluron pen (no needle), this is for dry and dull skin. Hydrates from the inside out. Each of these facials need to be done 3 weeks part.

£34.00 - £89.00
Body Treatments
Brazilian Bum Lift

Add juicy volume. Get rid of hip dips. Cellulite reduction. Lasts 2-3 years

£223.00 - £3056.00
PDO Threads
PDO Threads

These are the offer prices

£189.00 - £889.00

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