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Accredited Trainings and Tutor Qualifications for Those wishing to Teach their Craft to others, we offer support in training centre set up with marketing to get your Training Business off the ground. 4D Lipo which combines A&P, H&S, Nutrition, Cryolipolysis, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Vacuum and Laser Therapies to achieve Instant and measurable inch loss and skin tightening treatments with immediately visible results. We offer Face Lifting using HIFU, Vacuum Radio Frequency and Plasma Pen Technologies and again offer accredited insurable training at our clinics in London & Manchester.

Tutor Training Bundles

Trainings for Those wishing to Teach their Craft to others in their Sector, we offer support and training centre set up with marketing support. L3 Education & Training Bundle


Includes Level 3 Beauty Therapy NVQ if you are not sector competent yet

£1250.00 - £3495.00
Body Treatments
4D Lipo

4DLipo combines body treatments and technologies to give instant inch loss slimming effects whilst lifting and tightening skin - we will determine individual treatment regime based on client requirements using Cryolipo, Fat Freezing, Cavitation, Vacuum roller Radio Frequency with laser therapy

£160.00 - £1500.00
4D Face Lift

Needle free Messotherapy using Vacuum Radio Frequency giving instant Face lifting results we offer as individual treatment or combined with Chin Freezing or HIFU to dramatically educe appearance of fine lines and remove double chins

£120.00 - £550.00

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Face and Kneck Lift followed by 4 x Ultrasound Messotherapy lifting treatments to give instant and lasting results


Cavitation, Radio Frequency & Fatfreezing


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