First used and pioneered by Dr. Pistor in the late 60’s, Mesotherapy has risen in popularity in Europe ever since. An effective and minimally invasive treatment, Mesotherapy delivers homeopathic remedies directly into your skin with the aim of restoring and maintaining a youthful appearance to the skin. As part of SkinCAN Mesotherapy a mesogun is used to deliver a bespoke specific skin ‘cocktail’ into the skin. This ensures the same amount of product is delivered at the same depth in each tiny skin puncture. The treatment is not painful but some clients may feel slight discomfort. A numbing cream can be applied if a client feels uncomfortable during Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is cumulative, a single treatment will provide glowing skin before a special occasion or evening out, or will maintain the results from a full course. The team at SkinCAN will advise on the number of treatments required on a client-by-client basis, however normally five sets of this treatment are requirement; one per week for four weeks, then a fifth treatment on week six.

£135.00 - £675.00
  • Beauty Therapist

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