Boss Babes Uni

Boss Babes Uni provide Unique Beauty and Aesthetic training courses. Please email us for our training brochure.

Enhance Boobs and Bum

Full training including machine package in Hollywood boob enhancement and Brazilian bum enhancement

Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Fillers Non-Medics

Botox and Filler qualification plus level 3 first aid

Micro-needling with Mesotherapy

Derma pen mesotherapy training including collagen lip plump


Hifu Face, Body and Vagina … training plus machine package

Fat Freeze

Full qualification in cryolipolysis including fat freeze machine.

Plasma pen

Plasma pen training including pen

Chemical Peels

Face peel training with new improved kit


Non needle notox training with machine and kit


Derma planing training plus kit

Boss Babes Facial

Choose from Dragons Blood, Bee Venom, Snake Venom training

Adonis Cavitation

Full training and machine package

Specialist skin course

Should be £1500 on offer Includes A and P Skin Analysis Dragons blood facial Bee Venom facial Snake Venom facial Derma planing

LVL Lash Lift

Length volume lash lift training

Semi Permanent Mink Lashes

Intense training in Mink lashes

Level 2 Beauty

Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Lash and Brow treatments, Facial Massage, Consultations, Contra-indications and Health and Safety in the Salon

Level 3 Beauty

Semi permanent eyelashes, Massage, Electrical Facial, Body Electrical-Cavi, LVL lashes

Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Filler Medics

Botox and filler course for medics only

Semi Permanent Russian Lashes

Intense training in Russian lash extensions

LED Galvanic Phantom Mask

Classroom training, full training package and customised mask

£599.00 - £1299.00
Fat Freeze with no machine


Plasma Pen

Plasma training with pen package

Derma pen Training only

Derma Pen Training only

Cavitation with no machine

training without machine

Plasma pen training with upgraded pen

Full plasma training with upgraded pen

Meso Line Injections

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Foundation Aesthetic Qualification

Home study In-depth A and P at industry standards accredited Consultation and skin analysis accredited Improve and maintain facial skin conditions accredited Beauty therapy the work place environment accredited Plus practical training along with theory classroom based for Accredited phlebotomy training Accredited Dermapen microneedling with collagen lip plump training Advance accredited facial level 3 Dermaplaning

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Non-Medics

Anti-wrinkle only for non medics

Fillers only Non-Medics

Filler training for non medics


Phlebotomy Training Only

Vampire Facial/PRP

Training Only

Henna Brow Course

Henna Brow Training

Nano Brows

Microblading with a very fine blade

BBU Radiant Glow

Semi permanent course with pen package and kit.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Advanced facial

BBU Radiant Glow no kit

Semi Permanent Foundation course with kit.

B12 Injections

B12 Injections

Filler Training Medics only

Filler training

Non-needle Filler

Training only

Enhance Boobs and Bum No Machine

This price is for training ONLY!!


Training and Mask!


Includes theory Skin rejuvenation Hair removal Acne therapy Pigmentation therapy Vascular therapy


Includes theory Skin rejuvenation Hair removal Acne therapy Pigmentation therapy Vascular therapy THIS PRICE INCLUDES YOUR MACHINE

Vit Drips

Benefits: Hydration increase in energy levels faster recovery from hangovers. boosting sports performance promoting weight-loss increasing libido Increasing vitamin intake

Derma Planing Online Training

ONLINE, KIT CAN BE PURCHASED AT ADDITIONAL COST. You will be sent online learning material including manuals and training videos.

Iv Drips

Training in IV Vitamin Drips

Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving


Profhilo Training


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