Gift Vouchers to be used for treatments

£200.00 - £500.00

Non surgical lifting and tightening treatment using tiny bursts of plasma energy.

£299.00 - £550.00

Non surgical lifting and tightening treatment using bursts of plasma energy

£100.00 - £2000.00
Dermapen microneedling

Dermapen treatment produces micro channels in the skin to cause vast amounts of collagen to be produced. Leading to a reduction in acne scars , pigmentation, wrinkles, skin laxity, skin texture, fine lines , rosacea, pores and surgical scarring

£137.00 - £350.00
Foundation Dermal Filler Training

Foundation Dermal Filler Training covering lips & nasolabial folds and hyularonadise

Foundation Anti Wrinkle Injection Training

Foundation Anti Wrinkle Injection training covering ; frown lines, forehead and crows feet. (Available from end of May).

Foundation Dermal Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injection Training.

Full, accredited diploma covering Foundation Dermal Fillers & Anti wrinkle Injections. (available from end of May) Includes hyularonadise training.

Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Semi Permanent Makeup Course fully accredited covering Lips, Eyeliner & Beauty Spot. (not spmu brows) available from April.

B12 Vitamin Injection Training

b12 vitamin injection training open to medics and non medics

Profhilo Training

advanced skin booster therapy training

Sunekos 200 Training

advanced skin booster therapy covering sunekos

Fat DissolveTraining

Fat dissolve injection training

B12/Fat Dissolve/Profhilo/ Sunekos / Jalupro Training

pick any 3 of the above courses to be completed in one full day at the clinic

B12/Fat Dissolve/Profhilo/ Sunekos /Jalupro Training

pick any 2 of the above courses to be completed in one full day at the clinic

Hybrid Russian lip masterclass

Russian lip master class open to qualified practitioners

advanced dermal filler training

2 day course covering cheeks, jawline, chin , tear trough and liquid rhinoplasty (nose)

PRP Facial & Phlebotomy Training

fully accredited prp facial training and phlebotomy

Fast track Complete Aesthetic Practitioner Package


Cannula Training


IV Vitamin Drip Training


Semi Permanent Lip Blush Training


Aesthetic Skin Specialist Training

Dermaplaning Micro needling Chemical peels.

£328.00 - £714.00
Sclerotherapy Training


Chemical Peel Training ( Foundation/ Advanced)


£328.00 - £604.00
PDO Thread Training


£825.00 - £1865.00
Foundation Dermal Filler Training ( Medic)


Foundation Anti wrinkle Training ( Medic)


Foundation Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injection Training ( Medic)


Dermalux LED Light Therapy
Dermalux LED Light Therapy

dermalux led light therapy treatment

£55.00 - £299.00
Profhilo Treatment

skin booster therapy ( course of 2 recommended)

£275.00 - £495.00
Intravenous Drips
IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy Drips to aid wellness and boost energy

£110.00 - £165.00
Facial Treatments

Obagi Medical grade skincare and peels

£93.50 - £275.00
Million Dollar Facial

Official Million Dollar Facials & peels.

£88.00 - £132.00
Anti Wrinkle Injections
anti wrinkle treatment

all treatments include a top up

£198.00 - £385.00
Lip Enhancement
Lip Enhancement


£132.00 - £286.00
Dermal Fillers
Facial Contouring Packages

Can be used on cheeks, jawline, smile lines, lips (including Russian technique), chin and marionette lines.

£330.00 - £1155.00
Liquid Rhinoplasty

2 treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart.

£330.00 - £630.00
Tear Troughs & Temple Rejuvenation

2 part treatments. Price includes 2nd part of treatment also.

£330.00 - £630.00
Liquid Facelift.

6ml dermal filler +4 areas anti wrinkle injections. ( tear troughs and temples can be included if needed.)

Brazilian Bum Lift Injections (BBL)


£2200.00 - £4400.00
PDO Threads
PDO Threads

1 area for mono threads : brow lift, neck lift, cheeks, jawline, jowls, hands. 1 area for cog threads : lower face lift, upper face lift, fox eyes.

£275.00 - £1155.00
Semi Permanent Make Up
Semi Permanent Make Up


£165.00 - £439.00
  • Beauty Therapist

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