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Introducing Hifu Clinics UK Welcome to Hifu Clinics UK, the home of non-surgical aesthetics at affordable prices. We are passionate about customer service and offering the very best in cutting edge non surgical procedures. We specialise in all Hifu procedures ,face , body and vaginal bladder weakness . Our friendly practitioners are highly trained within the field and have over 30 years experience in the industry. Hifu clinics uk is a clinic based in the heart of Ossett, Wakefield Junction 40 m1 . Contact us to speak with one of are friendly practitioners and book your free consultation . ​

Hifu full face and neck ( sale )

Hifu full face and neck ( high intensity focused ultrasound )

Full face ( sale )

Hifu full face ( high intensity focused ultasound )

Hifu hands

Hifu ( high intensity focused ultrasound ) reduce fine lines and improve skin texture

£375.00 - £375.00

Hifu clinics uk vouchers

£50.00 - £200.00
Top lip

Top lip , reduce fine lines and acheave a smoother apearance

£450.00 - £600.00
Skincare Products
Helio care minreal

Helio 360 sun screen protection

Non surgical lipo

Non surgical body contouring , reduce celulite , body contouring all in one procedure

£190.00 - £300.00
Fat Freezing Injections
Fat Freezing Injections

lipolax fat dissolving injections

£99.00 - £450.00

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