Dermal Fillers
Lip Fillers

We deliver lip fillers with cannula which is the safest and the most comfortable way of enhancing your lips, with minimal bruising and swelling.

£178.00 - £444.00
Facial filler

Dermal Fillers are placed in areas that have lost volume in the skin thus result in a natural lift and tightening of the skin.

£278.00 - £999.00
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Suitable only for profile improvement

Tear Trough/ under eye

Suitable for hollow under eye area

Hollow Temples

Hollow temple area is a sign of ageing, replacing the fat loss will result in younger looking face.

Anti Wrinkle Injections
Anti Wrinkle Injections

wrinkle relaxing treatment is suitable for eyes, forehead, between brows area, lip wrinkles and gummy smile

£45.00 - £288.00
skin rejuvenating injections

Skin rejuvenation injection procedures has been used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine for some time. It is a non-surgical skin treatment that involves using micro injections to apply natural ingredients already found in the skin.

£161.00 - £183.00
Body Treatments
Liquid Lipo

Fat dissolving injection is a stimulating fat burning product with slimming and anti-cellulite effects. Due to a content of growth factors and biomimetic proteins supports fat cells disintegration, eliminates cellulite. Detoxifies and smoothes. Firms the skin, making it more supple and resilient. Strengthens skin elasticity and improves its condition.

£167.00 - £389.00
Shrinking Violet Slimming Wrap

Shrinking Violet is so powerful and effective that after the 60 minutes, waistlines can be reduced by upto 2 inches! The aromatic oil blend also works on cellulite and skin toning/firming and nourishes the skin. No need to shower off either. A one off treatment can be a great boost for a night out/event and everyone notices a flatter tummy and feeling less bloated. Depending on your build, lifestyle, metabolic rate, diet and exercise pattern, more treatments may be required for optimum results.

£200.00 - £200.00
Microneedling- Collagen Stimulation Therapy

The anti-ageing procedure involved in treatment is commonly known as Micro Skin Needling, Collagen Induction Therapy or Dermapen and is designed to trigger new collagen synthesis in the skin, leading to younger, brighter and healthier-looking skin with fewer wrinkles.

£183.00 - £675.00
Plasma Treatment
Eyelid lifting with plasma technology

treatment is based on creation of series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibers to create a lifting, remodeling and rejuvenating effect.

£194.00 - £333.00
Facial Treatments
Laser skin rejuvination

Laser carbon facial wrinkle reduction is one of the very latest innovative non invasive facial rejuvenation treatments for all skin types even the most sensitive! With no downtime, delivering immediate results that will help to create a much more youthful complexion.

£94.00 - £139.00
PHI-Lings antianging

There are two types of anti-ageing procedures that can be performed within a PhiLings treatment – Microneedling and Phi-Ion. The anti-ageing procedure is aimed at stimulating microcirculation and the natural processes of collagen production and regeneration. Phi-Ion anti-ageing treatment is based on creation of series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin. This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibers to create a lifting, remodeling and rejuvenating effect.

£255.00 - £255.00
Scalp micropigmentation- hair simulation

Hair simulation is a technique that uses micro pigmentation to simulate growth of hair on the scalp in balding areas. Hair simulation is the perfect solution for balding spots, old scars and for creating the look of a full head of hair even if hair is thinning. It simulates hair follicles growing natural hair. Hair simulation is the ultimate solution to the male baldness and lets you enjoy a fresh, young look of thick hair. A consultation for correct pricing is advisable prior to the purchase.

£220.00 - £3600.00
Microblading- PHI Brows

Phi Brows is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. Shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection (phi 1.618) and face morphology.

£167.00 - £333.00
Chemical Skin Peels
Skin peels

A peel is a clinical treatment that can lead to visibly improved skin appearance. Peels are often categorised by their depth: superficial, medium and deep. The deeper the peel, the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved.

£145.00 - £231.00
Radio Frequency
Neck and chin lifting facial

Radiofrequency is performed to achieve the following: Improve muscle tone in lower face and neck Lift jowls Increase product penetration Reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines Improve facial circulation

£133.00 - £133.00
Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze™ provides an extremely comfortable, non-surgical solution that harnesses the power of radio frequency technology to boost collagen production by heating the deeper layer of tissue under the skin. This treatment works to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and restore a refreshed, younger-looking appearance.

£56.00 - £999.00
Laser Tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal

Our Active Electro-Optical Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser uses flat-top beam laser technology which provides uniform beam profile. This technology is adopted by the best lasers on the market and its advantage is that it works on the skin with same energy on every point of beam, it’s safer and delivers greater results. Our fully qualified and experienced technicians deliver visible results already after the first treatment. Our clinic has the most competitive prices that can be established only during face to face consultation.

£110.00 - £440.00

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